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Cardinal Points Farm was founded out of a passion for horses, and a desire to share this passion.  Respect and appreciation for a horse (and other beings) is only possible through mutual understanding.  This is why we teach horsemanship techniques that are grounded in two-way communication and information sharing between student and teacher, and between horse and rider.

About the name ...

The name refers to the four cardinal points of the compass, symbolic of the need to navigate through life and stay a true course.  It is also a nod to the bird C. cardinalis, commonly known as the Northern Cardinal.  When we started the farm in 2006, a bright red Northern Cardinal and his mate greeted us with their song.  As the seasons unfolded, we have witnessed breeding pairs raise the next generation of these beautiful songbirds.  We regard this bird as a symbol of loyalty, responsibility, and importance in all we do, and as a reminder of our goals in life.
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