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Horse Training Services

Cardinal Points Farm accepts horses for training on a case-by-case basis (exception: we are currently not equipped to accept stallions).  Each case is unique, so please contact us for details, and to discuss your training needs.

We do not believe in "quick fixes", or short-term solutions.  We also believe that the solution to most training issues does not involve the horse alone.  The focus of our training approach is to establish a relationship and bond of trust between you and your horse.  Your commitment to and active participation in your horse's training program is therefore critical for success.  We will provide you with the skills and information necessary to train and handle the animal in the long term.

Generally, we recommend that your horse remain at Cardinal Points Farm for the duration of its training.  You will be charged a weekly training fee plus board.  During this time, you may arrange for lessons using your horse at Cardinal Points Farm, at a discounted lesson rate which will be in addition to the training fees.

Under Texas Law (chapter 87, Civil Practice And Remedies Code), An Equine Professional Is Not Liable For An Injury To Or The Death Of A Participant In Equine Activities Resultant From The Inherent Risks Of Equine Activities.
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